It’s 2016 and individuality is dead. Somewhere in the midst of empowerment, promoting self love, and being yourself we’ve killed the concept of being your own person. Instagram has managed to convince us that by following the formula, we can be the ideal millennial.

Everyone attempts to look the same, dress the same, own the same thing, go to the same places…just “doing it for the ‘gram”. I’m not excluded from this, I own 2 donut pool floats… just because they look cute on Snapchat and Instagram.

Aesthetic is everything, if you’re not following it you’re falling behind.

This whole Instagram cult seems to be most noticeable when it comes to make up. Everyone. Looks. The. Same.

Make up used to be enhancing yourself and self expression, now it’s about having the same contour, lashes, eyeliner, and intense highlight as everyone else. It even has a name; Instagram “baddies”:


Hey remember when we had eyebrows that suited our own facial structure instead of Kylie Jenner’s?

It’s gotten to the point where I can scroll through my feed and not even know whose pictures I’m looking at because they’re all the same! Trends have always been present and catch on quickly but there was still some diversity…but that’s gone now. Where is the fun in looking like everyone else???

There are endless YouTube tutorials teaching us how to achieve this Instagram look, not only with make up but with a lifestyle.



Everything has become about staging our lives to fit an Instagram aesthetic, we’re no longer living experiences for the actual experience. Just last week my friend asked me to go for brunch somewhere “insta-worthy”. She had seen this restaurant on a ton of Toronto blogger’s profiles and wanted a pic of her own there. Screw keeping up with the Kardashians; it’s all about keeping up with everyone else.

But in reality – trying to keep up is nothing new; it’s now just on a larger scale. For all to see. May the  Instagram odds in ever in your favour.