We all have a man…who isn’t really our man. You know what I’m talking about, it’s that guy that you’re kinda talking to, the guy you met a few times and have a crush on, or just that super hot guy on campus you stated following on instagram. He’s not really your man….but he’s your man and everyone else better stay in their lane.

When it comes to having a man who isn’t really your man, there are WAAAYYY more struggles than actually being in a relationship. Seriously, your man is really taking a toll on your crazy side.

1. When you start losing sleep over this man and you can’t even be mad because you know it’s literally your fault for getting carried away

2. When you sit there upset but at the same time recognizing how problematic you’re being

3. Is he doing all this to impress me?

4. You just gotta avoid his snapchat story because it’s too painful

5. But at the same time you need to know who this girl all over your man is, where she’s from, how they know each other, etc. dhfeshfja










6. It almost never goes well and you know he’s not ur man so you shouldn’t be bothered by what you saw but he’s ur man and ur sad.

7. Then you have to sit through the rest of the party pretending it doesn’t bother you bc you can’t show your crazy

8. Now this man has you questioning who your true friends are

In the words of Drake; soon as you see the text, reply me. 


Seriously there are very few things more painful than having a man who isn’t your man. There’s only so much “acting chill” you can do before you explode and get salty with him and every girl he’s ever come in contact with. 

So maybe right now he’s your man who isn’t really your man but I have faith that he will soon be your man who really is your man. Positive vibes. I’m also saying this to make myself feel better about my man who is definitely not my man. But like…who’s mans is this???????????