So I guess Taylor Swift is adding another name to her long list of ex-lovers.

News just broke that one of our favourite celebrity couples has called it quits. Yup, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going their separate ways. Are we allowed to feel the heartbreak too? Their relationship seemed so adorable and magical (on Instagram).

Reports say there wasn’t a massive fight or drama, their hearts just aren’t in it anymore. Despite it being a pretty “nice” break up, we still have a feeling their love story will make an appearance on Taylor’s next album. We’ve even gone so far as to come up with the track list.


1. Scottland

2. Swan Goals

3. That’s Not Even Your Real Name

4. This Isn’t What I Came For

5. 15 Months

6. Hey Mister DJ

7. That Time When We Finally Took A Vacation

8. How Do I Explain This To The Cats?

9. Your Love Wasn’t That Deep

10. I Went To Coachella For You


11. Salty af. Ft. Rita Ora


Not sure about you, but we think this album is going to be so fire! Straight to number 1. I wonder if it will be exclusive to Apple Music?

Ok I’m done, sorry. This is actually really sad and we wish them both great love.