Okay, so I’m going to start off by saying that I LOVE scary movies, thrillers, and anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

So when I knew I was heading to see Green Room, I was MORE than excited.

Here’s a little background on the film: “Green Room” follows a punk band traveling through Oregon, where they book a show at what they come to find out is a neo-nazi skinhead punk club. The show goes well enough, but after they become witnesses to a murder, the group—along with a female regular at the club— are held hostage at the instruction of the community’s head honcho.

Ya – crazy right??

What I love most about this film is how… okay this might sound weird, but how relatable it is. Its entire premise is based on a wrong-place-wrong-time idea – something that could happen to ANYONE. The minute the terror kicks in, GREEN ROOM’s level of tension shoots up and remains there throughout the entire film, the violence keeps on humming, you just never know what sort of maniacal actions or retaliations that may occur, this is one of those films that consistently shocks you, leaving you to wonder who among the characters would survive because your guess is as good as the next person’s.

The acting is incredible. You actually feel the claustrophobia from the characters as they’re stuck in that room (don’t worry – stopping any potential spoilers here). And warning. There’s gore. Lots of gore. But if you think your stomach can’t handle it – how insanely amazing this film is makes it all worth it.

I URGE YOU GO TO SEE GREEN ROOM THIS WEEKEND! It was honestly the best horror/thriller movie I’ve seen in probably 10 years. And I watch a lot of those. So that’s saying a lot.

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