Soooo you’re feeling like your dorm room is a little drab. You’re in there hours on end studying your butt off… and you never really get out to enjoy the fresh air.

How to fix this? Well, you can’t stop the studying… so why not bring the outdoors IN. Not only are plants beautiful to look at, they can also bring an atmosphere and sense of calm. Which, you know can help with the stress of studying.

Here are 3 of the best plants to keep in your dorm (that will fit your busy lifestyle as a student)


Bamboo is SO easy to care for – it only requires weekly waterings! Another fun fact: it does great in indirect sunlight, which makes it extremely low-maintenance and easy to place in any dorm room. B

2. Cactus

Cacti LOVE mostly dry, sunny environments (I guess that can go without saying). These are our favourite since they come in many different shapes and styles – plus you can dress them up in cute little pots to match your room. Try keeping your cactus by the window, and schedule watering the plant thoroughly and then holding off for a while (just think of the desert).

3. Orchids

Orchids mayyyy seem a little daunting to care for, but they’re really not that bad! Plus, they leave such a beautiful fragrance. They love sitting on a windowsill, usually in a warm environment, and can be watered once a week!

So what are you waiting for? Get some green in your room, and enjoy your new fresh, beautiful friend!

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