Sometimes I sit and wonder to myself that the world would be a better place if we just all were less embarrassed about things. There are countless times where you’re in a situation and you may not want to fully open up.

The reality is we have all done it. We’ve all been in situations where we might not be as open to admitting something that might leave us in embarrassment.

In honour of those moments, here are 7 times where you found yourself in an uncomfortable situation and what you did to play it cool.

1. When someone says something to you and you pretend you understand. Then you low-key Google the meaning under the table. Don’t worry, nobody saw you.


2. When you’re driving in the car and a song comes on that your friend doesn’t like. You pretend you hate it too, but really you know every word and you’re featured on the remix.

giphy (1)

3. When you’re 126 weeks deep on someone’s Instagram you pray with your life that you don’t ‘like’ anything by accident. But if someone did it to you, you would semi be flattered.

giphy (2)

4. When you’re walking down the street and you think of something funny, you quickly pull out your phone and pretend that someone sent you a funny text. Really, you just remembered something that happened in Grade 7.

giphy (3)

5. When you creep someone’s mutual friend on social media, then you run into them in public. You pretend you don’t know them, but really you know they got off work at 7 last night and it was a crazyyyy day for them. But they’re up for a raise soon. Twitter told you.

giphy (5)

6. When someone asks if you got their text, you say “No?”, but really it’s 2016 and that excuse doesn’t work anymore.

giphy (6)

7. When you’re sitting in class ready to fall asleep, then your professor walks by so you sit up straight and prove you’re ready to graduate.

giphy (7)

Do any of these sound familiar? Tell us in the comments!