Triple 9: A Triple Threat

Triple 9: A Triple Threat
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So to start off, I will say that I’ve been obsessed with Aaron Paul since Breaking Bad ever came into existence. Andddd after seeing Titanic 8 times in movie theatres when I was younger, Kate Winslet has been one of my biggest female idols.

Put these two in a movie together? = My dream movie.

A great part of my job is being invited to movie screenings before the movie even comes out – but for Triple 9, it was even crazier. I arrived at Scotiabank Theatre in downtown Toronto around 6:15, got my pass, and made my way upstairs to a closed-of media section, beside a red carpet that was constructed just for the Canadian premiere of Triple 9. This was a big deal. (If you follow us on Snap, you would have seen how cool this was!).

Not even 5 minutes later, and in walks Anthony Mackie. Two words: Marry me. Okay fine I wasn’t able to ask him, but I DID get to see him walk the red carpet and answer media questions, THEN take pics in the fan pit! So cool.

Okay – movie time. All I knew about this movie was that it was a police-crime thriller (I did this on purpose… I like to go into movies with the least amount of info about it as possible).

Boy, was my mind blown. I was literally on the edge of my seat THE WHOLE MOVE. The name Triple 9 is right; it was triple the amount of action, thrill, and emotion I’ve seen out of any movie.

Triple 9 has everything you ask for out of this kind of movie: dirty cops, the Russian Mob, greed, and a heist you couldn’t imagine being possible. The gritty, intricate storyline gives you the plot twists that you crave in movies like this (but many movies just can’t get those right).

The acting, first and foremost, is INCREDIBLE. You can literally feel the adrenaline running through their veins. Anthony Mackie has one of the best performances we’ve seen since his early days on 8 mile, Casey Affleck brought raw energy to his character, and Kate Winslet is absolutely brilliant (come on, you’d never second guess that Russian accent).

If you were thinking twice about seeing this movie, think thrice and just go see it – I’m telling you it’s worth it. Yup – Triple 9 isn’t a movie you want to miss, especially in theatres where the adrenaline and grittiness feels 10 times crazier on the big screen.

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