So you’ve just had an amazing time at your favourite local spot… and you’ve pretty much danced yourself into extreme hunger. Believe it or not, pizza and greasy food MAY not be the best thing for you to feel your best in the morning (I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear). You’ll feel weighed down and may regret that choice in the morning.

Buttt that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself after you’ve danced the night away – plus making a healthier choice will make you feel proud of yourself the next day. Here are 5 great alternative options:


Try a Greek Salad and add on a chicken kebab. The chicken is a great source of protein, and will give your body a great supply of amino acids which can be used to metabolize anything you were drinking that night. Plus, the vegetables in the salad will give you a great vitamin boost!


Same idea as Greek – I’d get a chicken or beef shawarma salad and hold off on a lot of the sauces. Pack that salad with veggies and protein – your body will thank you the next day.


Being a vegan or vegetarian after a night out doesn’t mean you can’t eat good – nuts are a great source of vitamin B, which is something that can be depleted from your body during your night out.


Everyone knows cucumbers and celery have a huge water percentage content… so naturally you can see where I’m going with this. To keep things exciting, make homemade dip at home and enjoy before you go to sleep. (My fav homemade dip is sour cream + onion soup mix).


Okay fine, this doesn’t sound too exciting; but keeping yourself hydrated before, during, and after your night out is the best thing for you. Try drinking a glass of water between beverages when you’re out, and grab one before you’re about to leave!

I hope these options help you when deciding on your post-night out snack!

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