10 Times You Regretted that Last Purchase

We get it, there’s always going to be a purchase you regret, but when you have a credit card that gives you rewards and CashBack® options on every purchase – it lightens the blow.

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Just saying, with the BMO SPC MasterCard you could earn $50 in rewards – that’s $50 extra to make yourself feel better about that last purchase. Click here to get started!

And if you don’t relate to at least one of these, it’s possible you’ve never spent a cent in your life: 

1. When you realize 90% of your money was spent on food last week.


2. When you checked your closet and found 8 shirts that still have the tag. You bought these shirts 3 years ago.


3. That time you spent your last $65 on that fleece down-filled sweater just cuz it was on sale. It was the middle of July.


4. When you realize you have to start dipping into your savings and THEN you realize you don’t have any savings.


5. When your friends want to go out but you just spent your last cent of credit on Candy Crush lives.


6. When you go over your data limit and can’t press accept to accept going over the already $50 overage charges because you’ve already maxed out your credit card on your last bill from going over your data.


7. When you have to scrap every last ounce of foundation since you don’t have money to get new foundation but the last thing you need is someone asking if you’re feeling okay.

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8. That time you had to ask your younger brother for money. You’re 15 years apart.


9. When yogurt was on sale then you get home and realize you accidentally created a probiotic stockpile that could last you into the new year.


10. When you buy that size for what you think you’ll be in two months and two months fly by and