As a young soul, you are constantly told by older, wiser ones about some of the things you might encounter in your journey referred to as LIFE. It is a beautiful journey (most of the time), and you can create a lot of perfect moments along the way. One of my biggest accomplishments to date is the completion of my University degree. To give you a little bit of background information on my childhood, I was the kid who never wanted to go to school, faked sick on more than one occasion, and starting counting down the days until summer vacation right after the September long weekend was over.

But the important part is that I made it through (alive) despite all the experiences I was told I might encounter through my post-secondary career. Before experiencing it for myself, my perception was based off of what I was told by others. And when I finally made it to my destination, (as always) I found that things turned out to not be as bad as I expected.

Experience #1: Friendships

Appearance: I was always told I would lose all my friends from elementary school when I got to high school, all my friends from high school when I got to University and all my friends from University when I got into the workforce.

Reality: Facebook. Instagram. Double tap for good luck.

Experience #2: Sleep

Appearance: I was told that in University I would lose a lot of sleep between balancing my workload, part-time job and social life.

Reality: With my sporadic schedule, I probably took more naps in University than I did when I was a baby. Felt great, not going to lie.

Experience #3: Academics

Appearance: The “University” idea was sold to us as something that would guarantee us our dream job and we would interact with some of the future leaders of the world.

Reality: If you sit at the back of the classroom during a lecture, look out into the crowd and on people’s computer screens you will see: Tetris, Facebook, YouTube and possibly Angry Birds.

Basically everything but what the professor is speaking about. But the truth is, us millennials are not as unmotivated and lazy as we may appear. We are actually quite driven and the only thing we want is to get where we want to be. The only problem that we have is that we are impatient. We don’t want to go through the process, we just want the outcome.

But looking back on it all, it wasn’t all so bad. I met a lot of talented people, was educated by industry professionals and even graduated with honours (see kids, hard work does pay off!). Somewhere in between the friendships, the sleep and the academics, you are always able to find your own way. With the right attitude and work ethic, you can make it anywhere you want. And Graduation Day will just be a milestone away. Or as it feels to many of us graduates – a blink away.