The Top Tweets of 2016 (…so far)

It’s been 5 and a bit exhilarating days of 2016, endless excitement and bundles of joy for the new year. All of which is clear and extremely accessible on twitter. In those 5 and a bit days 2016 has brought in some pretty good tweets for us. Lets take a look at the top tweets from 2016.

  1. The moment of realization that winter break is over

2. What we were all hoping for Coachella to announce

3. Kim continues to show her modesty and humbleness this year

4. What it’s actually like to start the new year

5. Looks like this year isn’t going so well for everyone

6. The most inspiring

7. 2016 is the year of being subtle.

8. New year, who dis?

9. Exhilarating.

10. Mood:

Ahh 2016, keep bringing in such inspiring, and entertaining tweets. This year is going to be too much for me!