So, if you haven’t heard already (ie. you’re living under an abnormally large meteorite) Sting is performing the half-time show at the NBA All-Star game in Toronto this year. Needless to say – Twitter went wild. Like almost as good as Kanye/Wiz beef wild.

Some people were just straight savage:

Oh, so you’re trying to tell me you don’t hum along to “Roxanne” when you’re watching a game? Just me?

Anddd some were just straight up confused – like this guy:

And this may be a bit dramatic:

Even our former mayor chimed in:

lololol #real:

Some were just trying to find answers:

And along the way, some really valid points were made:

But – not everyone was upset at this… interesting decision.

What do YOU guys think of the NBA’s decision? Head over to our Twitter and vote, and let us know down below who YOU’d rather see perform!

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