It’s that time again where we all get a little fuzzy and blame it on Mercury. Whether you think it’s a total gimmick, another dumb astrological thing, or you whole-heartedly feel the power of retrograde, you’re going to be affected by it.

So what exactly does mercury in retrograde mean?? Mercury is the planet that rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel. Retrograde means the planets are moving backwards, and when Mercury moves backwards things start to get messy.

During this time you might find it more difficult to express yourself and get your messages across, you’ll find yourself in totally irrational arguments, and you will just feel a little bit off.

These are the 2016 dates for Mercury’s retrogrades:

January 5th to January 25th
April 28th to May 22nd
August 30th to September 22nd
December 19th to January 28th (2017)

Here are a few tips to keep everything in as much order as possible while Mercury is in retrograde:

  • Don’t take anything too personally. It’s very likely that people around you will say offensive things they don’t actually mean during this time. This is because their thoughts are clouded and their communication skills are twisted.
  • Avoid buying any big ticket items like cars, technology, or signing lease/rent forms. Around this time issues arise and there tends to be flaws you won’t notice.
  • Bring back old projects. It’s a great time to go back to things you started, but never finished. This can be anything from a painting to re-organizing your bedroom. It’s the perfect time to tie up lose ends and move forward.
  • Take everything with a grain of salt. There’s bound to be mishaps that will definitely be fixed once Mercury straightens out.
  • Allow yourself to access your intuition and subconscious. Retrograde gives you the opportunity to reflect, take advantage.
  • Allow mercury to do it’s thing. Keep an open mind and see where this time period can bring you!


Good luck getting through this fuzzy patch of the new year, and remember, we’re all in this together!