This is a MAJOR coffee key. 5232b6467439036bf58340a3d8347fc8No- I’m not lying. I’m about to tell you how to get one free coffee a day for the REST of the year. All you need? Your SPC Card. And those famous golden arches.

Step 1:

Find your nearest McDonald’s – the easiest way is to download the SPC App (if you haven’t already… what are you waiting for?). The app makes it SUPER easy to find the nearest McDonald’s near you.



Step 2:

Walk into that McDonald’s like you own the place. I mean – you’re about to ask for a free coffee… that’s pretty boss.IMG_4886[2]

Step 3:

Order 1 of your favourite McCafé specialty coffees. My go-to? The McCafé Latte.

Step 4:

Show your SPC Card (better yet, show off your digital SPC Card in the App!) and ask for the SPC deal!

Step 5:

You’ll only get charged for 1 coffee, but you’ll walk away with two. Yup – the second one is completely free. What. is. life.


Share with a buddy, or keep it for yourself; it’s really up to how much caffeine you need that day. Remember – you can literally do this every single day… that’s some craziness right there.

Don’t believe me? If you live in Ontario, you can view your deal HERE! If you’re out in Atlantic Canada, your deal is here. 

PS – Live out west? Your SPC deal is just as good! Upsize your hot McCafé espresso beverage for FREE – your details here. 

Always looking out,

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