Fifty Shades of Amazing
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Soooo if you aren’t following us on Snapchat or Twitter (first off, maybe it’s time to start… muhaha), you have missed that SPC went to the advance screening of Fifty Shades of Black last night.

Boy, were we in for a treat. This movie was everything we wanted it to be… and more.

Okay – first off I will admit that I was one of the 57320570235 people that went to see Fifty Shades of Grey in theatres last year, and like the 57320570235 people that saw it… I felt like I lost 2 hours and 15 minutes of my life.

Well, Fifty Shades of Black had the exact opposite effect; I felt like I had GAINED that 2 hours back from laughing so hard. (Get it… cuz happiness makes you live longer… so like I gained those hours cuz now I’ll live longer…. am I reaching?).

Anyways – to sum it up, I haven’t laughed that hard since… I can’t even remember when. And that’s a big statement. I laugh a lot. Marlon Wayans was absolutely hilarious – sure, the humour was a litttleeee crude at times; but it never turned me off, only on. Oh god wait no no that’s not what I meant. Know what DID have that effect on me though? Marlon Wayans’ body. He basically was half naked 95% of the movie, and that’s not me complaining.

One of the best parts of the movie was definitely Hannah Steel’s roommate, Kateesha, played by the fabulous comedian Jenny Zigrino. Think a more… “intense”… Melissa McCarthy. Ya, that’s how I’ll put it. From talking STI’s to getting it on at the dinner table… She definitely brought on a good chunk of the laughter.

Another character fav was Marlon Wayan’s adoptive mother, played by the genius Jane Seymour. It was a kind of  role that she’s played before (think Wedding Crashers), and she just plays it so good.

So is this movie worth to see? Yes yes and one more yes. And if you’re all about spoof movies (who isn’t?) and saw Fifty Shades of Black in theatres, even better.

Plus, it was pretty cool to see fellow Canadian Russell Peters, and a few famous Vine stars (King Bach) getting some screentime. Add in a Florence Henderson (love that woman) cameo, and we’ve got ourselves a hit.

PSA – I would avoid seeing this movie with the parents… go with a big group of friends… Thank me later.

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