One semester down, and one more to go! After a semester, and the holidays, our bank accounts are looking a little sad and it’s time to start saving again. Here are our top 5 tips for getting back on track this semester:

1. Take the first week or two of this semester to create a budget.

Make a list of all the events you have during this time to make sure you account for the amount of money you will need for each of them. Take some extra time to really think about all the day-to-day expenses that come up, and think back to where most of your money was spent last semester. It should be easier this time around because you’ve been through it and know what to expect.

2. Sell your textbooks from last semester

If you sell the books you no longer need, you can use the money you make to purchase your new textbooks. You most likely won’t get back the money you spent, but anything helps!

3. Share!

Now that you’ve (hopefully) gotten to know your roommates/floormates better try figuring out a way to share or split the cost of things. You and your roommate can split the cost on food and share. There’s no point in each of you buying your own peanut butter!

4. Limit your nights out

Trust me, I know skipping a night out with your friends sounds terrible, but spending your food money for the week on cover charge+one drink is worse. Sometimes you need to ditch the fomo and spend a night in. You can even have fun nights in with friends that won’t break the bank!

5. Save while you shop

You’d think signing up for a credit card would be the OPPOSITE of what we should be suggesting – but hear us out. There are a ton of pros to signing up for your first card – one being you get to start building your credit early! The best part about THIS credit card? Skip the annual fee! Plus, for a limited time, earn $50 Cash Back and get 1.0% CashBack on ALL card purchases with the BMO SPC Cashback MasterCard card. Saving money while you spend money. Sign us up. Check out a little more info here!

Hopefully these help you out! Have any others? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @SPC_Card