The Real Meaning of Boxing Day

According to a Wikipedia page I read on the history of Boxing Day, it originated in the 1830’s. It started out as the day that post-men, errand-boys, and servants (think 1800’s) would receive a Christmas box. A lot has changed over the years and Boxing day has a completely different meaning.

The true modern meaning of Boxing Day is the day you mourn the death of the holiday season. That came straight from the dictionary that I wrote.

There are two -and only two- ways to “celebrate” boxing day. They’re equally great and fulfilling. Both options leave you feeling A+.


Option #1

Spending the day in your pajamas laying on the couch. That’s it. Just laying there with your gifts that you haven’t put away yet, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. Well like unless you got some movies for Christmas and now you’re going to binge-watch them. In this option, if you’re not on the couch you’re flopped somewhere in exhaustion admiring your gifts. This is also the day you reflect on the holiday season and feel utter emptiness as you realize you have to wait 11 months for the next Christmas season.

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Option #2

Your other option is to turn into a shopping Godzilla and hit up the mall. DEALS DEALS DEALS. If you’re going down this route you are prepared to face the crowds and fight your way to the finish line (cash register). You’re either taking this option because a) you got honest about not liking the gifts you received, and you’re taking the opportunity to exchange it for something else…. OR you know these deals are a once in a year-time opportunity. You can lay around anytime and mourn the death of the holidays. But not today. Today is about shopping.



So whether you go down the first road or the second, just know that you are doing Boxing Day right. Good job. You Rock, don’t ever change.