This List will Give you all the Christmas Feels

Ahhh the holidays…such a magical time. How can you focus on exams when there’s so much joy in the air? The feels are high and there’s no bringing them down! Here’s a list of all the things that give us the feels around this time of year:

  1. Hearing All I Want for Christmas for the 1st time of the season

  2. Decorating your Christmas tree (A little too early)
    giphy (1)

    giphy (2)

  3. Hot Chocolate with the mini marshmallows 
    giphy (3)

    Ok so maybe it’s a cup of mini marshmallows with a little bit of melty chocolate at the bottom…why are you judging me?

  4. Finding the perfect gifts for all your favorite people
    giphy (4)

  5. That creepy little Elf on a Shelf that you just cant resist

  6. Reciting every line to your favorite Christmas movies 



  7. Baking all those delicious Christmas cookies that you can’t get enough of. Like literally you ate them all an hour after they came out of the oven.bakingCan’t forget to mention how they almost NEVER turn out how they were supposed to.

8. When it’s all said and done and you can carry on with the new year without hearing All I Want for Christmas for at least 10 months.

lit fam

Magical isn’t it? Until next year Christmas feels, it’s been a slice.