New Years Eve is probably one of the most exciting nights of the year. There’s no feeling like it, there’s just an incredible energy in the air. For those who are single on NYE it’s all that with a splash of sadness that you don’t have someone to end and begin the years with. Here are the 10 thoughts that graze the minds of the singles on NYE:

1. I can do this. It will be OK. It is fine. I am fine. Being single isn’t so bad.

2. I’m the only person single on New Years. I’m the third wheel, aren’t I? OMG I’m starting the year off as a third wheel!!!

3. Oh ok bestie…just leave me, that’s cool. I’ll just chill here with…..

anigif_original-23293-1447636854-14. Forget it, I’m going to just have a good time all by myself. I’m strong and I don’t need anyone


5. I’m going to call xxxx, they still love me. That’s what I’m going to do. I’ll call them. I shouldn’t call them, that’s a terrible idea.

6. I’m just going to tell everyone my bae is working tonight, that sounds believable.

7. What’s with all the PDA?! Go home..this is so invasive.

8. Wait why am I worrying about this?? I’M FREEEEEEEE! I can do anything I want right now. I. am. free.

9. *Selena Gomez voice* I’M NOT HERE TO HOOK UP, I’M JUST HERE TO TURN UP dfdfd

10. New year, new me.

Happy New Year from your single gal pal,