10 Thoughts You Have at Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is one of my favorite times of the whole year. Everyone you love is around you sharing a delicious meal. It’s also a very thoughtful time, and here’s what we’re usually thinking:

  1. This is so nice. I’m so happy everyone is here together. I love the holidays.
  2. Ok dad easy on the potatoes…not like there’s anyone else here trying to eat.
  3. YAAAASSSS real food. Bye rez food I can’t deal with you.
  4. I’m never going to get full I could literally eat this whole table. More of this please…and more of that puh-leaseeeYosub eating amy schumer inside amy schumer chewing
  5. Nvm no more I’m done. I’m going to explode. I can’t.
  6. If one more person asks how my final exams went I’m going to flip this table.
  7. I want more. What’s an extra serving? I’ll feel fine, bring it on. anigif_enhanced-buzz-30424-1384809242-14
  8.  There we go. I’m going to flip it. Somebody hold me back, I swear I’ll do it.
  9. And now…back to this chick that had a lot to say about me the other day; Grandma, what’s good?
  10. That was so nice. I love when the whole family gets together. I’m already looking forward to next year.




Happy Holidays!