Can you spend hours on YouTube watching your fav channels? Do you LOVE to shop? Well.. it may be time that you start looking into making YouTube videos of your own! Okay okay, it can seem pretty overwhelming to make a part-time job out of YouTube – but we’ve taken some time to break the process down for you! Could YOU be the next social influencer? Find out if you have what it takes by following the steps below:

  1. Set up your film spot – make sure it has enough light so your video will be as clear as possible!
  2. Use a tripod if you can – this will keep your shot steady and allow for better cuts at editing time! If you’re using your phone to film make sure you put it on a level surface that is at a good level. Another option is using the camera on your computer!
  3. Plan out your talking points – this can be as easy as bullet forms! If you tape a piece of paper right under the camera so it’s not in your shot you’ll be able to glance at your notes while looking into the camera and you won’t even be able to tell!
  4. Show off your products! Hold them up, explain where you got them, and if they were on sale mention some of the great prices! **Bonus points – try on your clothes and edit in the shots of yourself trying them on afterwards!
  5. Edit your video together. Most computers come with pre-installed editing software that is easy to use (iMovie anyone?). If there are any parts you don’t want in your final version you can cut them out easily! If your shots are a bit choppy that means you’re doing it right, haul videos have that kind of style!
  6. Most importantly: the more fun you have making the video the more it will show in the final product! Have fun and be you!

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