Forget about cool for the summer (Demi Lovato reference oh hey), start thinking about staying cozy in September. If you’re lucky, your new dorm room will have heat….but even then it’s not super efficient. Prepare to navigate campus in the new cooler air and get home to very little relief (haha sorry I’m being Debby downer). Let’s face it, you’re definitely going to need ways to stay cozy; and it’s only just beginning. Here’s what we did to stay cozy this fall:

Sheets of (Egyptian) Cotton

Not actually, though. Student budgets don’t really have room for Egyptian cotton (I just really wanted to make a reference to Uptown Girls). Regular cotton sheets on the other hand, can actually be affordable. Cotton will definitely keep you more comfortable in any temperature (especially over polyester or satin)!

Think Layers

We’re feeling a definite breeze in the air… that’s why it’s best to head into Bluenotes and pick up some cardigans, socks, sweaters and sweats. They have so many cute options to help you feel cozy, and look cool. WITH 10% off.. Can’t forget that.