One thing that I really missed when I moved onto my dorm was my bathroom at home. Weird, right? I was used to a bathroom stocked with all of my go-to products, and organized the exact same way for about 15 years. I was used to my shower and the comfort of taking a bath after a long day. Living in a dorm changed that a little, but I found a way to make do.

Here are my dorm bathroom hacks:

  • The first thing I did when I moved into my dorm was bleach the entire bathroom. I don’t suggest this if you share a bathroom with your floor but if it’s just between you and your roommate it’s worth it. I just felt better knowing everything was cleaned to my standard.
  • Storage will most likely be limited so pick up a plastic drawer set to keep all your toiletry stuff. It will start to feel a little bit more like home if you have things organized similarly and it will become natural to reach for different drawers for certain items.
  •  Bring a shower curtain and bath mat. It’s a simple replacement but once again, it will make the bathroom feel like your own. Urban Outfitters has really nice ones (and you save 10% with your SPC Card). If you haven’t already picked up on it, I’m a slight germaphobe….so using a shower curtain that you brought is a lot cleaner.
  • Toiletry/Beauty shopping spree. Before I left for school I went to Rexall and STOCKED UP. Pick up your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. I loved having everything that I used at home with me at school.
    • Does your dorm bathroom have a shower-tub? Pick up some bubble bath while you’re at Rexall. I promise it is not childish…it’s comforting. After a long day of walking all over campus, you can go back and fill up a bath…or just soak your feet! Click HERE to see how YOU can save at Rexall with your SPC Card!

Hopefully those help you prepare to move onto residence! If you find yourself trying anything else that helps, we would love to know! Tweet us at @SPC_Card