Shopping is fun…but online shopping is exhilarating. So many options, so many tabs, and so little movement. It’s so easy to fall into the rabbit hole of online shopping, but that’s the best part. Right?

Here at SPC, we like to consider ourselves online shopping experts, and we’re going to share our game plan with you.

Step 1:

Get comfy. Put on your sweatpants and get back in bed.

Step 2:

Have your credit card and SPC card ready to go! (In case you haven’t heard- you can use your SPC card online at select retailers)

Step 3:

Open up your browser and scroll through pages and pages of items. Add EVERYTHING you like into your cart.

Step 4:

Go to the check out page.

Step 5:

Cry over the total amount.

Step 6:

Remove all the items you can probably live without.

Step 7:

Try to feel a bit better about the new total amount.

Step 8:

Follow the check out steps. Don’t forget to include you SPC card number!

Step 9:

Save your order confirmation, and pay with your order with your SPC BMO MasterCard! Don’t have one yet? Click HERE to find out how to apply!!

Step 10:

Wait not-so-patiently for your order to arrive. Waiting by the door is the only way.

There you have it, our 10 step guide to online shopping. For a full list of SPC’s online retailers click here! Call It Spring is on that list, which makes it our first “stop” in the online mall. SO many shoes, SO little movement. Check how to save at Call it Spring HERE!