Nobody actually ENJOYS studying, but we still have to do it. Being on campus means you have so many options on study locations, but not all of them are good for being productive. There’s a difference between a location to review your lecture notes for the week, and a location to study for finals.

When I’m reading notes, or working on small assignments I like to be somewhere with other people and background noise. These are study sessions that don’t require intense concentration or full brain power. I think the best place to do this kind of work is a cafe or the levels of the library that aren’t silent. Both environments have quite a bit going on, but they’re still relaxed enough to get stuff done.

During finals season it’s so important to be in an environment with limited distractions, that can also be motivating. I prefer to study on the silent floors of the library, there’s no noise and everyone around me is super concentrated. Plus, I grab a coffee from McDonald’s (and get a second coffee free for later!), and that makes me really get down to business. Having a warm coffee to sip on while studying in silence really motivates me to stay focused and get work done. Don’t want to leave your house? I would even suggest doing some studying in your room if you don’t have a roommate. I like waking up early and doing an hour or so of studying at my desk before I take the time to get ready to go to the library.

Once you’re on campus you can test out different locations and see what type of environment works best for you. It’s important to find a spot that you’re comfortable being in so you don’t mind spending a few hours at a time there.

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