$1000 is a LOT of money. There’s so much you can do with that much money. We’ve been thinking long and hard about what we would do if we received $1000, and we’ve decided that we’re not going to be responsible and save it. We want to spend every last cent of that $1000…on what you ask? We came up with a few ideas.

A Night Out

Ever had to stay in when all your friends are going out? All because you’re waiting for payday? Yeah…put that night way behind you. Think of how many nights out you can get on $1000. You can either use a bit each time you go out OR you can spend it all in one night and make it the craziest night of your life.


A melody to our ears. With Little Burgundy as a partner it makes sense that we’re shoe addicts. A shopping spree is great, but a shoe-shopping spree is a whole other level. $1000 will buy you quite a few pairs of shoes, especially if you’re using your SPC Card while you shop.

Style Switch-Up

Have you ever wanted to completely change up your wardrobe, but couldn’t because that actually costs money? Yeah same. SO with a whole thousand dollars I’m 100% sure you can buy a new wardrobe. New school year, new you…oh yeah we said it.

Fries Forever

$1000 + SPC Card + Taco Bell = Happiness. With a thousand dollars and our SPC Card we can upgrade 160 Taco Bell combos to Fries Supreme. That’s $1000 well spent if you ask me! If you buy 160 combos you can have a pretty awesome burrito and Fries Supreme party and everyone will name you King/Queen of the campus.

We didn’t get that $1000 but if we ever do, at least we’ll know what we want to spend it on. What would you buy with $1000?