First of all, I will say coming out of the bat that Nancy Meyers is one of my favourite writers of all time (my roommate in university and I had an obsession with “It’s Complicated”… Literally watched it at least once a week) so going into this movie I had very high expectations.

All of my expectations were met.

THE INTERN centres around Ben Whittaker; a retired hard-working 70 year old man who was feeling like he needed a bit more action in his life (other than his stalker-like crush living around the corner). We first get introduced to Ben through his video interview as he’s applying to a Senior’s Internship program; an initiative taken on by an extremely successful internet startup run by none other than Anne Hathaway’s character, Jules Ostin.

The movie revolves around the growing relationship between Ben and Jules; Jules (the internet company’s CEO) who is reluctant to take on this initiative in her office, and Ben who tries nothing but not getting in the way of all the younger employees. However, as time goes on, Ben begins to form a strong bond and friendship with the his coworkers. He begins to teach them just as much as they teach him (like the right way to turn on a Macbook Pro).

Everyone seems to be somewhat accepting of Ben as the new intern in the office; the only character who seemed standoffish was Jules herself, which didn’t help her situation, since Ben was assigned to be Jules’ personal intern. What she doesn’t realize (however slowly begins to as the plot moves forward), is that she needs Ben as much as Ben needs this program to move forward. Watching their relationship unfold is truly a beautiful thing (I may have shed a tear once or twice). As Jules begins to open up to her personal intern, Ben becomes a sort of confidant; not just at work, but at home too.

As much as THE INTERN tug at my heartstrings, it did NOT lack in comedy. Tears of sadness turned into tears of laughter; one of the most memorable scenes being when Robert DeNiro turned into a cat burglar. You have to see it to believe it.

What’s key in THE INTERN’s storyline? The plot not only centres around Ben and Jules, but also around the seemingly perfect relationship between “busy working-mom” Jules, and her “stay-at-home (yet extremely stressed out)” husband. I won’t give anything away, but there are a definitely a few plot twists that create an even more in-depth dynamic between not only the main characters, but their counterparts.

All in all, THE INTERN is a movie for all to enjoy; bring a date, your fam, your grandparents… Every age group has something to enjoy about the film. Heck, I may even see it again this weekend (partly to drool over the set design of Jules’ office… #officegoals).

Go see THE INTERN this weekend, it’s out THIS FRIDAY!

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