No matter how things turned out with you and your ex, we can all admit that it’s still a little bit awkward running into them… But spending a whole semester of class with them? Now that’s pretty intense.

  1. Be cordial – No one likes negative vibes around them, and even if there IS some animosity between you two, try to keep it out of the classroom. Think of school as a job; if you were to act unprofessionally because of a past experience with a co-worker outside of work, you may get fired. You don’t have to be their friend, but at least act polite; that’s the mature thing to do!
  2. Be happy – Showing your ex that you’re happy with your life can help in many ways. If they were the one to dump you, they now see that you’re feeling great bout your newly found “freedom”… and didn’t need them in the first place. If you were the one to dump them, this may help them come to terms with the reality and try to move on themselves.
  3. Spruce up your look – Now that we’ve covered all the basics… No one can say they don’t feel great when they run into their ex looking and feeling fabulous… And what’s a great way to spruce up your look? Changing your hair. Have you ever notice your friends decide to do something drastic once they’ve broken up with their sig other? Ya… it’s usually the hair. Head into First Choice Haircutters for that new you look. Their stylists and colourists know exactly what they’re talking about, and can recommend a look that suits your style and taste. Plus, save on your new look with your SPC Card! All the details can be found here. 
  4. Dress the part – Another great way to show your ex that you have it all put together, is to dress like you have it all put together. Cue in Banana Republic. Plus, you can’t lose when you save 15% with your SPC Card. Every single time you shop.

Remember, always treat others how you would like to be treated, and don’t stoop down to horrible behaviour. Good luck!

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