Bills bills bills. It may be a Destiny’s Child song… but it’s also a harsh reality. Here are 5 tips to keep track of those pesky bills we all have:

  1. Put reminders in your iCal – This is a great way to get notifications that a bill is due, or coming close!
  2. Set up direct deposit  – Be careful with this one, the last thing you want is an overdraft charge! Always make sure you have enough money in this account around the time your bills will be automatically withdrawn.
  3. Set aside time – Pick one day a month so set aside time to look over your financials. Sometimes bills, payments and account balances can feel overwhelming; stay on track on keeping them front and centre that one day a month.
  4. Bank with the right bank – Just saying, as a student banking with the BMO Everyday Banking Card you get a FREE BMO Everyday Banking Plus Plan that includes 30 transactions per month, a FREE SPC Card AND 2 free Interac e-Transfers per month. Love to shop? Apply for the BMO SPC MasterCard and your SPC member benefits are built right in! All the info can be found right here. 
  5. There’s an APP for that – Search your phone’s app centre for an app that will track bills and payment! It can send push notifications straight to your phone to remind you.