Modern tragedy: Not being able to selfie in the same outfit more than once.

OK, maybe it’s not tragic but you understand the struggle. I’m all for reusing outfits (I paid for those clothes, I’m obviously going to wear them more than once) but I don’t love posting more than one picture in that outfit.

Here at SPC, we’ve come up with a couple solutions to this “issue”.

  1. Re-wear that super cute outfit again, but change the shoes. A subtle difference that will completely change the look. Then when you selfie, people will be focused on how amazing your new shoes look with the rest of the outfit!
  2. Make sure your outfits involve layers! A simple shift in the layer can make give it a 180 change. Examples? Plus, accessorizing in different ways (hoop earrings vs. layered necklaces) and a different purse (cross shoulder vs. clutch) will definitely change the look up!
  3. Last but not least, change up your hair do! Wear your hair up if it was down last time, vice versa. Your hair and makeup can completely transform a look- it can even take the outfit from day to night. You’ll have a totally different picture to post so you won’t even realize it’s the same outfit. You don’t even have to do it yourself! I’m terrible at doing my own hair so when it comes to a night out I don’t trust myself, I look to First Choice Haircutters for a wash/blowdry or an updo. With 10% off services with SPC Card it’s so worth it!