So, you went over your data. I know the horror. There are very few things worse than not being able to check your Twitter feed or update your Snapchat story, but with the extreme cost of extra data, you have to resist. I’ve been that person who the phone company has to block data usage because I’ve gone waaaayyy over my package. What I`m trying to say is I understand the struggle, and I`ve learned how to avoid it. Here are my tips for saving GB’s.

  1. Go on Vacation

Ok…not literally. But pretend that you are. Turn off your cellular data when you’re going somewhere you KNOW you won`t find data, or you just don’t need to be checking your phone. Even putting your phone on airplane mode will have the same effect. If you have your phone on airplane mode you can still turn on your Wi-Fi so your phone will ONLY use Wi-Fi.

  1. Swipe Up

If you have an iPhone it’s super easy to close the apps you’re not using. All you have to do is double click the home button and swipe all the open applications up. Leaving them open will keep them running even if you’re not using them. They will waste data and your battery.

  1. Be THAT Person

If you know you’ve been on data for too long don’t be afraid to ask for Wi-Fi passwords. Your friends will understand what you’re going through and should be fine with handing out their password. If a restaurant or café has a guest Wi-Fi then they will definitely give you the password. You gotta do what you gotta do, it’s a lot easier to ask for Wi-Fi than pay the $100,000 for going over your data.

  1. Push Away

Turn off any push notifications you don’t need. All those little pop-ups are eating away your data, don’t let them. Stick to the important ones (like Instagram likes, and the SPC App notifications 😉 ) and turn the rest off, I’m sure you don’t need to be updated every time you have full lives on Candy Crush.

  1. Reading Lists

If you know you’re going to have to read something online on-the-go add it to your reading list while you’re on Wi-Fi. If you add it to your reading list you can open it when you’re offline. This is perfect for last minute article readings before class or for reading on your commute.

  1. Take Advantage

Not very many people know about this, but it’s the one thing that saved my data in first year on residence. Turn your computer (Mac or PC) into a wireless hotspot for your phone. It’s super easy to do, and once it’s set up you can connect your phone to your computer just like you would to Wi-Fi. This is great if your residence doesn’t allow wireless routers, you just make your computer into one.

So those are my go-to tips for keeping my data usage low and not having to make my bank account cry. I would suggest spending less time on social media but in all honesty I can`t even take myself seriously when I say it. Hopefully these tips help you and definitely let us know if you have anymore!!