Movie Review: American Ultra
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Perks of my job? I was lucky enough to check out an advance screening of American Ultra!

The movie centres around the genuinely real every day life between Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) and Phoebe (Kristin Stewart). Phoebe is just a regular girl who fell in love with Mike; a burnout who spends his days working at a local convenience store. The two live a fairly normal life in a semi run-down stoner house. Until one day Mike realizes he’s so much more than a store clerk.

Have you ever woken up wishing you possessed CIA-style superpowers? The kind that could allow you to take on 5 ninjas at once? With your eyes closed? Well… Welcome to the actual world Mike finds himself living in. Yup, our Mike soon finds out that he was trained by the CIA to be a lethal killing machine… And it’s pretty awesome.

Okay before I go any further, I also have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of action flicks; I’m more of a horror/thriller fan myself. That being said, I was a little hesitant walking into the movie. I really didn’t know if it was something I’d enjoy! And boy was I wrong.

Mike and Phoebe’s relationship is actually what endeared me to this movie the most. It felt real; the two characters loved and supported each other no matter what they were going through. However, Phoebe did seem a little too good to be true; saintly in fact. Like the best girlfriend you could ever hope for. Until… You guessed it. PLOT TWIST! You find out something MAJOR closer to the end of the movie, but I’m obviously not revealing it now.

Best part about the movie (in my perspective)? The dry sense of humour that almost stays undetected to the untrained ear. It’s not an outward humour; it’s one that if you listen close enough (and appreciate dry comedy) you get… and it’s absolutely hilarious. As in it had me giggling a few days after. Connie Britton plays this humour off to a TEE.

Final words: American Ultra is a summer movie you CAN’T miss! This is coming from someone who didn’t know what she was getting into walking into the movie; but who knew exactly how she felt about it walking out. Yup – 4.5/5 stars no questions asked! Go with a group of your friends, or even your boo.

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