We’re now a little bit past the 6 month mark of 2015, which means it’s been over 6 months since we set our resolutions for the year. How are yours going? I started giving up in February. Buuuut with only 5 months left to achieve all that I hoped to this year, I’m trying to get my life together. I’ve come up with 5 tips to restart to my resolutions and hold onto them for the remainder of 2015.

What are my half-year resolutions you may or may not be wondering? WELL my resolutions were to get active, eat healthy, and live more. The first two are pretty typical but living away from home and being swamped with school and work has made them a little bit more difficult to keep up with. As for the third one, I just want to spend less time on my laptop and more time exploring.

TIP #1: There’s an App for this

The first thing I’m doing to make sure I accomplish my goal is downloading apps that will keep me on track. If I leave it up to myself to do this I’ll probably convince myself that it’s better if I don’t go for a run. The apps that I’ve downloaded to be my support system are:

Lift- A free app for iPhone and Android that uses crowdsourcing to create a community of people all trying to achieve the same goal. All I had to do was enter my goals and the app found me advice, motivation, and/or prompts from the Lift community.

HabitList – This app is so easy to use and it’s incredibly helpful. Rather than focusing on reaching goals it focuses on helping you develop good habits. It creates flexible to-do lists and schedules. Plus it’s so aesthetically pleasing it warms my heart.

TIP #2: Dear Diary

I’ve started keeping a journal (ok whatever…it’s a diary) to keep track of my progress as well as make plans. I find that writing things out makes them official, so if I write that I’m going for a run on Thursday I have to do it. It’s also a good way to mark down your accomplishments. When you feel like giving up you can just go back and read all about how far you’ve come. Every now and then I throw in some inspirational quotes that resonate with me. Writing things out will not only help you realize what you’ve already accomplished, but also how much is left. It really put things into perspective.

TIP #3: Bring Your Friends into it

SPC’s Claire wrote a post on how she got the office to go on a raw diet by creating suffer buddies (If you haven’t read it yet or need a refresh, here it is). Let your friends know that you’re trying to achieve some goals and see if they will participate for a few days to help support you. Having someone “suffer” with you can be really encouraging and can motivate you to achieve your goal. My friend Nicole doesn’t know it yet but we’re going on a hike this Saturday (get ready Nicole).

TIP #4: Get Outta Your Mind

At some point you have to stop keeping all your goals in your head and thinking about how you’re going to achieve them. You need to take all this out of the captivity of your mind and take action IRL. Thinking about achieving your goal isn’t the same as actually achieving it (just like how in my mind I’m dating Harry Styles…sadly, it’s not reality). Getting out there and making things happen is my biggest weakness. I’m great at making plans in my mind but I don’t always get to the execution stage…maybe that will be my next resolution – REMIND ME ABOUT THIS IS JANUARY PLEASE, I’M LEAVING THIS UP TO ALL OF YOU. Anyway, turn your thoughts into actions in order to stick to resolutions!

TIP #5: Teeny Tiny, Itty Bitty

And by teeny tiny, itty bitty I mean break your larger goals down into smaller steps that will be easier to achieve. Make sense? Basically if I were to look at a piece of paper that said “Ariana, from now on you will work out every single day, cut out all junk food, and none of your free time will be spent on your computer.” I would probably start freaking out and I wouldn’t be able to go through with it. BUT if the paper said “Ok Ariana, this week let’s add another gym day into your routine and cut out 4 episodes on Netlfix” I would think that’s reasonable.

There you have it, my five tips for achieving your half-year New Year’s resolutions. I hope these are helpful and if you have any tips/suggestions that you want to share tweet us at @SPC_Card and let us know!!