Here’s a question for you, what do you usually keep in your backpack? And another question, have you ever been in a situation where you were in a bind because you DIDN’T have something packed away that could have been useful? Other than your regular school items (like textbooks and your calculator), we’re giving you a list of staple things to ALWAYS keep in your backpack or tote, so that you ALWAYS feel prepared!

Body and Beauty essentials to get through any day:

– Deodorant, hand sanitizer, a mini hair brush, a mini nail kit (nail file, tweezers, etc), and a mini moisturizer and body spray. Lip chap, blotting pads, a compact of translucent powder and a mini powder brush (for touch-ups and shine control as well). You could also pack eyeliner in case you find yours smudging throughout the day!

Clothing must haves: 

– A pen-like stain remover, a set of warm gloves, a toque, and a warm scarf so you’ll never have to worry about feeling unprepared when the temperature drops!

Entertainment to cure the boredom:

– A good book, a set of headphones, a portable electronics charger (Bentley sells a REALLY good one that’s compatible with most mobile phones, tablets and MP3 devices!) your iPod (or even iPad), or a mini-portable gaming system. You never know when you’re going to be stuck waiting in line, or sitting in a waiting room somewhere!

Miscellaneous for just in case:

– Kleenex, gum/mints, your SPC Card, a mini change purse with some change (for parking, or a coffee), a small notebook and a pen! How many times have you been in a situation where you needed a pen, or needed to write something down somewhere?

Last but not least, always have a bottle of water with you; keeping as hydrated as we should be can actually be pretty hard! You could also have some snacks handy, like a small sandwich bag of almonds, trail mix, or some dried fruit.

This may seem like a lot of items, but with the right bag, storing life’s necessities is easier than ever. My go-to for on trend backpacks? Bentley. Their backpacks make it SO easy for items to be easily organized, plus Bentley has backpacks that you won’t be embarrassed to wear even on the weekend (road trip, anyone?). Here are a few of our favs:

Plus, when you use your SPC Card at Bentley, you get 10% off regular priced items, and 5% off already reduced items! Can’t be mad at that. Click here to find your closest Bentley store!

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