Prep during the week for that big event! Here’s our Monday – Saturday guide to look and feel your best self at Saturday night’s prom!

Monday = Prepare your skin: Acne show up uninvited?? Use eye drops to reduce redness! Or, try the classic aspirin trick. Take a non-coated aspirin tablet (or powdered aspirin), and mix it up with water until it turns into a paste. Wait a few minutes, rinse it off… and voila! Your skin will feel like velvet, and your acne will slowly fade away.

Tuesday & Wednesday = Face Value: Dedicate these two days to brightening that beautiful skin of yours. Use half a lemon + sugar to exfoliate, brighten and lighten your skin by running the lemon piece in circular motions around your face. Plus, the sugar will act as a natural exfoliant! Once you’re done, rince off for rejuvinatingly (is that a word?) smooth skin. PS – do this at night, or avoid direct sunlight right after as your skin can become a little more sensitive to sunlight from the lemon!

Side note – oily skin calls for something a little extra- try a peeling mask! Come on, you can’t tell me how satisfying it is to peel off of these bad boys 😀

Wednesday is also a great day to pluck or groom your brows! This leaves time for any redness to disappear. 

Everyday: NUTURE THAT SKIN! Moisturize every single day, morning AND ESPECIALLY at night! When you’re sleeping, your skin is taking its time to repair itself; this means it’s best to USE the best products for it. Try products that contain Retinol; retinol is the PUREST form of Vitamin A, and helps produce the most collagen!

Skin feeling a bit more dry than usual? Try a collagen mask. You’ll feel like you just walked out of a spa day… except your bank account will feel a LOT better this way 😉 Trussttt me.

When you’re deciding on a moisturizer, don’t discount the anti-aging lines. Remember, it’s all about prevention. Your skin starts the aging process at around 20 years old, so it’s never too early to start reaping the benefits of a thick, luxurious anti-aging moisturizer. It’s all about finding good, effective products that help produce more collagen, and less wrinkles. Make sure to moisturize all the way down your neck as well!

Eye Creams: Your undereyes are SO so delicate; you want to make sure you’re using the right product for this area. PS – apply with your ring finger as it has the least muscle attached to it, leaving it more gentle to the touch than your other digits!

Monday to Thursday – Smile for the camera: Use these 4 days to whiten those pearly….. ya you get it.

Friday – Sunkissed skin: If you’re into fake tanners, it’s best to use the day BEFORE your event, to leave room to correct any mishaps!

Saturday morning – Smooth operator: Shave your legs earlier on in the morning! Hair can grow back quick, and you want to feel smooth as silk later on in the night, so the day of is best. To make your legs even SMOOTHER, try the Shea & Vitamin E Body Lotion by Bath & Body Works! Plus, you’ll save 10% with your SPC Card.

Saturday night: HAVE FUN!

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