You and your bestie hit up your favourite restaurant downtown. You wait a little bit in line, finally get seated, and order right away since your stomach has honestly been growling for the past 2 hours, and you’re not about that waiting life right now.

12 minutes later (yup, you counted) you see your waiter bringing your order over. There’s no feeling like it… you’ve never been happier to see someone in your life (even though you don’t know them other than by the name on their uniform) and you can’t wait to stuff your face in that glorious meal.

But wait… as soon as your sizzling hot foot gets plated right in front of you.. you feel your hand automatically reach for your fork, only to find out you actually picked up your PHONE! Yup. You can’t lie that as soon as you see any kind of food, your FIRST instinct is to bring out the camera and take a pic of it. Don’t feel ashamed; let’s face it, we all LOVE taking pics of our food for insta. We can also all admit that we see ourselves as amateur photographers with our iPhones and Androids.

You can’t lie that as soon as you see any kind of food, your FIRST instinct is to bring out the camera and take a pic of it.

So, keep reading for the 10 BEST foodie pic tips for your favourite social media feeds (pun intended). No matter what your skill level, or what you’re shooting with, we’re showing you how to make your food like like you’re a photography PRO eating at a 5 star restaurant.

  1. Use really bright light: The light will make your food GLISTEN. Natural daylight also works best. Make sure you check the white balance, which can make your food look a little “blue”. Best way to fix this? Try a white, blank background.
  2. Consider what you’re eating: Example – salads are great to shoot from overhead. This is because they don’t really have anything to anchor the shot.
  3. Hold your camera/phone at a slight angle: This will add a little bit of drama to the picture.
  4. Your phone’s camera is able to do SO much: When you’re getting a close up shot of say, a big personal sized pizza, make sure to use your focus to cut out any blur! Or, try a macro mode on your camera!
  5. Using flash is the BEST way to ruin a food photo!
  6. Composition is EVERYTHING: If there’s a centre of focus on your plate, don’t shoot it bright and centre! Cut your shot into thirds, and keep that focus in the first or third area of the shot – never the middle!
  7. Add some cutlery to the picture: This will give you some relation of size and context.
  8. Make sure to clean the edges of the plate: It’s all about details. Smudges can be distracting.
  9. Keep it juicy: Dab a little olive oil on the primary pieces of food on your plate. This will make it look like it just came off the grill sizzling (when in reality you’ve been trying to get the best shot for the past 10 minutes).
  10. Texture and colour: Always think about these two, and how well they contrast in the shot. Ps – pairing primary colours turns out beautifully!

No matter if you’re using a DSLR or your 3 year old phone, use these 10 tips and I guarantee your foodie pics will stay on #fleek.


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