We all remember where we were when it happened; when Kim posted her first pic as a bleach blonde babe. The world was pretty much in shock when she introduced her new platinum locks; and even though she’s a beauty and fashion icon to many, it can be hard to figure out which trends WE should follow, and which trends to keep with the most famous Kardashian.

But we can’t give her ALL the credit; there have been MANY stars before her that made the leap over to the light side. Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Camilla Belle, and Kristin Stewart have all made the change (some turned out better than others, dare I say.) Before YOU attempt to bleach your dark tresses like these leading ladies, you first have to make sure that YOU wear the platinum, and the platinum doesn’t wear YOU. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

1) Go for a test drive: No, we don’t mean at your nearest dealership, more like your nearest wig store. If you’re able to get your hands on a platinum wig, try it on for size first. Remember, you may feel a little shocked at first, but give it a couple minutes to sink in.

It can be hard to figure out which trends WE should follow, and which trends to keep with the most famous Kardashian.

2) Get that WERK: Remember, if you’re starting out with dark hair like Kim, EXPECT a lot of maintenance! Keeping your roots freshly dyed takes not only time, but moula. Just make sure you’re commited to the change before going light.

3) Watch that tone of yours: If you have a cooler skin tone (pink undertone, usually fair in complexion), chances are you’ll look better in platinum than someone with a warmer, olive skin tone. Although there ARE some ladies with warmer skin tones that can literally rock any colour, it’s safer on your end by not taking that chance (or following step number 1 if you’re the daredevil I know you are.)

These are only guidelines; you have to do what makes you happy.

4) Only one condition: Make sure your HAIR is in the RIGHT condition! If it’s feeling brittle and dry, chances are your colourist won’t want to damage it even more. There are a lot of chemicals that go into getting that silverized colour that has eliminated even the SLIGHTEST of yellow, so you’re going to want to consult with a specialist to see if your hair is in the right shape.

5) Don’t listen to anyone (except your colourist): And that includes me. If you WANT to go platinum, go for it! Even if you have a warmer skin tone. These are only guidelines, but you have to do what makes you happy. Plus, this trend is perfect for the warm summer days ahead, and I can guarantee you (being a blonde myself), that you WILL have a lot of fun with the colour change.

Welcome to the Platinum Club!

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