Fact: According to a SnagaJob survey, the most important characteristic employers look for is a positive attitude (40%); but how can one keep a positive attitude when a simple job search after grad has turned into a wild goose chase? Don’t worry; it’s not over yet, even though it may feel like it. Yes, the job market MAY be a tricky one right now, but there are still ways to distinguish yourself from the pack. Here are three simple tricks that will make you really stand out:

Secure a URL: Our generation is all about branding yourself. Fun fact: Some parents are even buying URL’s of their child’s name as soon as they give birth! Your name is your band; it’s how you address yourself in your day to day, and it’s another way to stand out. Buy a URL with your full name www.lastnamefirstname.com, and use domain as your online portfolio. Post your resume, projects and clients you’ve worked with, volunteer hours you’ve put in; anything you’re proud of and that you’ve OWNED. Employers will be impressed that you’ve put time and energy into marketing yourself, and not just your traits.

The most important characteristic employers look for in a employee is a positive attitude.

Blog about it: Want to make your website extra impressive? Attach a blog! This is where you can become extra specific with your passions. Applying for a job at Banana Republic? Post daily OOTD and your celebrity fashion inspirations. Applying for a position at a record company? Keep your blog up to date on the industry’s latest releases. The first thing a lot of employers will do once they get a hold of your resume, is do a social media check. If you have your blog and website posted to your socials, this is a great way for them to see how passionate you really are.

Spring Cleaning: Speaking of socials, this is a great time to go through your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure there’s nothing NSFW. If you’re not into permanently deleting pics on Instagram, simply make yourself private, and privatize certain parts of your Facebook. PS – keeping your socials up doesn’t always mean online. A lot of jobs are found through your own network of people you know through friends and fam. Go through your list of contacts, your parents’ list of contacts, and any of your friends who already have a position. Reach out to anyone you think could be a great connection for that perfect gig – putting yourself out here is KEY to a successful job search.

Employers will be impressed that you’ve put time and energy into marketing yourself as a brand, and not just listing your traits.

Brand yourself, show how passionate you are, and be aware of your socials (both on and offline). Putting yourself out there CAN be intimadating, but when you have something to show off that you’re proud of, you’ll have a much easier (and more fun) time.

Happy job search!

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