With finals coming up, it’s safe to say that most of you will be pulling an all-nighter at SOME point. I WILL say that depriving your body of sleep is not something we recommend; however, with 2 5,000 word essays, and 3 long-answer exams to study for, sometimes as a student it’s the only option you have. Unless you’ve aced the art of time management. Then I salute you. For all the rest of us, I’m here to give you ALL MIGHTY tricks to pull the MOST EFFECTIVE all-nighter.

  1. Avoid caffeine: Don’t worry, we just mean any caffeine leading UP to your all-nighter. Drinking your beloved caffeine during the day can actually reduce its effectiveness at night.
  2. Take a nap beforehand: Steal some sleep for your future self. They will thank you when 2am rolls around and you feel like crying. Or throwing your textbooks. (From experience, neither help.)
  3. Cut the carbs: Carbs store energy for later, and you need energy NOW. Basically, you’re going to want to stick to protein; your body needs something to burn to make it through the night, especially if what you’re doing requires a lot of heavy focus. Get yourself some beef jerky, and a protein shake. You may want to head into GNC and take a look at some great protein options you can get through bars and shakes! Plus, you get 15% off regular AND sale-priced items. Can’t beat that.
  4. Walk it out: Periodic exercise throughout your study session will help with your brain’s productivity. Going for a short walk, doing some pushups, or squatting it out will keep you going strong.
  5. Take care: Make sure you’re taking the right care of your body! You’re not going to want to pull a bunch of these in a row. Plus, all-nighters are not so great for your memory, focus, or attention for the next day. If your exam is at 8am, and you stay up until 5am studying, chances are your brain stopped retaining information way early on, and you’re going to feel too tired to function come your exam. If you NEED to act like a human (and not a zombie) the following day, take the L, and get some sleep.

You got this.

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