First instinct when you walk into a class full of strangers? Dont. Make. Eye. Contact. You walk yourself to the back of that class and sit rows away from civilization. Sound familiar?

Yup. Youre 2 months into your first semester, and youre STILL finding it hard to make legitimate friendships in class. I get it, it CAN be pretty intimidating to spark up a convo with a stranger in this setting; what do you say? How do you play it cool? And how do you maintain the friendship?

After I came back from Reading Week, I began to truly question what I wanted out of my whole University experience. Was I going to class purely to take in the lecture, then beeline for the door once the prof shut down their slides? Or did I ACTUALLY want to make legitimate friendships that lasted longer than a semester? 

Personally, I like when people introduce themselves to me, and it made me realize that most people do too. I can now say I make more of an effort to talk to the people around me at school – especially if theyre alone! That being said, here are THREE tips I find helpful when making friends in class:

You CAN sit with us

The Perks of Being a Wallflower may be your favourite book, but lets try not to live it IRL! Sitting alone in the back corner will make you seem unapproachable; try sitting in the middle or closer to the front. Better yet, finding a seat around people sitting in pairs, or even alone, will help when its time to form a group for those dreaded group projects. 

Did I ACTUALLY want to make legitimate friendships that lasted longer than a semester?

Keep the character count to Twitter

Dont be afraid to start the convo! Once youve decided on a good place to sit (preferably beside another human), start by asking your neighbour if they remember where the professor left off in the previous class. You could even try complimenting them on something as simple as their shoes, or school bag (this is better if you actually like it – dont be fake.) From there, introduce yourself and let them know that if they miss something in class, they can ask you for the notes! You could even create a buddy system to keep it mutual.

Can I ha your number?

So youve found someone in class that you GENUINLY like. What now? If you feeling like exchanging numbers is a little extra, ask for their name on Facebook; this keeps it a little more casual, plus gives you the option to creep a little further to see if theyre your type of person! Plus, just think – theres a higher chance you have more in common since youre most likely in the same program!

If you really hit it off, exchange phone numbers and ask if they want to meet up before the next class (coffee? The lib to study beforehand if theres a test coming up?)

 If you feeling like exchanging numbers is a little extra, ask for their name on Facebook.

I gotta say, its a great feeling to get to know new people, and its definitely made going to class a lot more enjoyable. There are only 6 weeks left before finals! Dont be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; who knows, you might create a few TRUE friendships that will carry on all the way until grad, and beyond!