Summer and school are usually two words that never go well together; you think hot classrooms, boring subjects, and homework when everyone else is out on a patio soaking up the sun. However, there are actually a LOT of great reasons why taking courses in the summer may not be as bad as you think! Here are 5 reasons why summer school DOESN’T suck:

1) Raise your GPA: It’s kind of a known thing that most summer school courses are a little easier than regular school-year classes. Even though the work is condensed into a much smaller time period, you’re focused to get the work done in record time. Plus, this is also a great time to take a course over again that may have lowered your GPA the past year.

Maybe you’ll even make a new friend or two.

2) Home away from home: Summer school is also a great excuse to stay back at school for the summer! It can be hard to make the transition to live back home for 4 months (look out for a blog post from our Guest Blogger Ariana about this exact topic!). Being able to stay IN your routine for the summer will also help keep you on track and steady for fall. Because the class sizes are a little smaller, you can also get to know people better in your classes! Maybe you’ll even make a new friend or two. Or, ask one of your friends if they’d like to take a course WITH you! Then you’re in on it together.

3) Get ahead: This is also a great time to fast-track your schooling! Instead of taking the regular 4-5 years to finish your degree, you could try focusing on finishing in 3-4. This way you’ll get into the workforce in record time, and ready to make that money.

4) Explore: This is a great time to explore courses that you maybe don’t have time for during the regular semester. Who knows, you may discover you’re passionate about a subject you never thought you’d enjoy! Plus, this is a great way to meet other people.

5) The weather: With the nicer weather, we’re naturally in a better, more energetic mood. Just think, this could easily reflect on your marks! Plus, how nice is it to study/read outside? Birds chirping and a nice breeze = science has never been so fun to study.

You’ll get into the workforce in record time, and ready to make that money.

I’d suggest looking into it – or even signing up and taking one or two courses to see if you like it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Yes – you may miss out on a couple get togethers with friends, but with only a couple courses, your workload won’t prevent you from having ANY fun at all. Believe me, you’ll thank yourself when you’re done all of your courses a semester early, or you graduate at the top of your class with those better marks!

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