[bey, ba]
Slang. an affectionate term used to address or refer to one’s girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.:
I love you, bae.

We’ve heard the term millions of times, we’ve cringed over the term an equal number of times, and we’ve used it (both mockingly and seriously) about two million times. Why do we still hate ‘Bae’? Just like every other internet slang that made its way into our vocabulary, it takes some getting used to. But unlike the others, I think bae should stay. Here’s why:


In a society that strives to be trans-inclusive and eliminate homophobia, we can use bae to describe someone we are emotionally or physically involved with without referring to them as ‘girlfriend’or ‘boyfriend’…and it’s a lot more intimate than referring to someone as your ‘partner’. Sitting right in front of us is a word that leaves absolutely nobody out; it’s exactly what we’ve been looking for, so we should keep it around!


Am I the only one who cringes every time my friends refer to their boyfriends/girlfriends in a way that makes them seem like their property? Just because you’re dating someone, that doesn’t mean you own them. This is where I pull a quote from the great Holly Golightly (the one played by Audrey Hepburn) she very firmly states that “people do not belong to people.”That being said, we can still be his or her #1…and Before Anyone Else in their hearts.


The number of things that you can refer to as ‘bae’ is nearly infinite. Absolutely anything that you love can be considered before anyone else. You can’t refer to your mom as your “babe” (unless that’s like a thing in your family..not judging) but you can definitely refer to her as ‘bae’. My mom is currently ‘bae’ to me and probably always will be. Pizza can be ‘bae’, your best friend can be bae, or even your dog. Bae is not limited to the person you’re in a relationship with and that’s fantastic.

I gotta admit, when the word first came out, I was the first one in the group to protest using “bae”. Now look at me, I’m running a #SaveBAE2k15 campaign after a bit more thought on the word.

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Editor’s note: We hope SPC Card is your shopping companion bae 😉