It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to start completely fresh, get 50% more time to yourself, and have most weekends AND evenings free. Yup. I’m talking about a breakup.

Okay fine; sure there are definite perks, but they doesn’t negate the fact that you now see your summer spent inside, under the covers crying. Or better yet, spending 23 hours a day playing video games to get your mind off the loss. Not to worry – this breakup was the best thing that could ever happen to you, and you should probably thank your [now] ex. Here’s why:

1) You can finally focus on YOU. You can actually be incredibly productive when you’re left to your own devices. Pick up longboarding; teach yourself how to draw (hello YouTube tutorials); work on that goal weight. Use this recovery period to recover YOURSELF, and not the relationship. It’s called a breakup because it’s broken.

If they’re out, let them leave.

2) You can look at the menu. AND order. And no, I’m not talking about food. Summer bodies were made in the winter, and you can more than appreciate the eye candy. <<drools>>

3) You can finally regain that 20/20: How many times have you looked back at your past relationships and thought “how did I EVER date him/her??!” Give it some time – I guarantee you’ll be thinking the same about this one in just a few months. Or weeks.

4) Because being single in the summer is the best. It’s romantic, exciting, and SO much easier to meet the next candidate during these glorious months. Or at least by September – give yourself some time to be a Free Agent and date around. Plus, this is a GREAT time to have a summer to remember with your crew. It’s normal to spend unusual amounts of time with bae; but now beach days, patio season, and reconnecting with your friends can now come before anything else. It’s a great feeling.

It’s called a breakup because it’s broken.

5) You can find someone that DESERVES you. It may sound cheesy but we gotta say it – your ex didn’t deserve you in the first place. Think about it – you can’t break up with you (and why would you ever want to – you’re amazing!) so you want to find someone that feels that exact same way about you. No ifs, ands or buts. The last thing you want to do is beg someone to be with you – if they’re out, let them leave.

Still sad? Was he/she really “the one”? Did you get along perfectly and did your personalities match to a tee and were you SUPER attracted to them? Think of it this way – they’re just proof that someone out there DOES exist. When you find the RIGHT one, that’s really when you’re going to want to thank your ex. If you two had stayed together, you most likely wouldn’t have met the new one.

So as Jigga would say, on to the next one – but enjoy having that single summer first 😉

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