You can talk about your dreams all you want, but they should stay where they belong – in your sleep.

Sure dreams are great, but it’s more important to have a strong sense of reality, and an even stronger sense of urgency and drive to set and achieve GOALS. The difference between goals and dreams? Dreams don’t come true. UNLESS you set your goals in place to MAKE your dreams BECOME reality.

I get it – sometimes setting the GOAL isn’t the problem, but feeling discouraged by your big goal is one of the main culprits as to why you never seem to follow through. If it’s hard to visualize them coming into fruition, why even bother.

Key word: Visualize.

Creating a vision board will probably be one of the most inspiring things you’ll do this year. Why do they work? They serve as a tangible representation of YOUR goals, YOUR life, and YOUR future. Right there. For YOU to see.

The difference between goals and dreams? Dreams don’t come true.

Imagine your dreams, goals, and essentially your IDEAL life was laid out in front of you; everyday you’d wake up with that constant reminder of what YOU see happening in your life. You’ll get excited and feel inspired to continuously push forward for those images to become a reality, and not just a piece of paper. Remember, your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation; it’s time to use that to your advantage.

How To Create YOUR Vision Board:

First, make a list of how you can see your life in the next 5, 10 or even 15 years. Are you in your dream job? Do you have your own family? Are you graduating university? Are you basking in the sun on your new 80 foot yacht?

Next, go through magazines, your favourite websites, and even Instagram (which is SUCH an easy source since you can search by hashtag!). This is the fun part of the process! Cut out or save any image that strikes you at first glance, or any that you REALLY relate to on a deeper level. Keep the images positive – vision boards don’t have room for any negativity (unless that’s what you want for your future). You can go for aspirational/inspiration words, quotes, or a picture of someone you really look up to. You could even make specific vision boards for areas of your life that you want to focus on; one for school, one for your career, one for your relationships and one for your health (however I suggest putting it all into one; I feel like it makes it easier to see your life come together when the images are together themselves).

Where to keep your Vision Board:

WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT LOUD AND CLEAR! This could be your nightstand, your bathroom, or even your fridge. Look over it every night before you go to sleep, and morning before you jump out of bed; glance over at it as you brush your teeth, or even use it as a visual represenation of that healthier lifestyle you’re trying to achieve by pinning it up on your fridge.

Keep the images positive – vision boards don’t have room for any negativity (unless that’s what you want for your future).

Yup – it’s time to give up on your dreams if you’re not taking the steps to turn them into a set of goals, and eventually your life. Use them as a point inspiration, and only that. Remember – dreams occupy your mind, goals take over your reality. Use a vision board to turn what’s not yet reality, into a visual representation of what you’re striving for in life, and I promise you, THAT’s when your dreams will REALLY count.

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