Let’s face it, almost every single second of every single day you’re forced to make decisions, some obviously bigger than others (declaring your major vs. choosing between pepperoni or 3 cheese pizza pockets). Sometimes it’s nice to have decisions made FOR you. So to make life easier, I’ve made a list of my fav songs from Canadian bands you NEED to check out, and categorized them based on your mood! I obviously can’t help you choose your major, so the least I can do is help you answer the age-old question “what song should I play next?”

I’ll start off by saying, as much as we all love having Justin Bieber represent Canada in the music industry (oh c’mon he’s not that bad) it’s time to move him to the left a few steps to make room for some amazing Canadian bands:



My Top Pick: Trainwreck 1979

This rock duo comes from my home-city of Toronto, and happen to be topping my personal charts at the moment. They’ve got a rocky tone and a bit of a punk vibe. Their most recent single Trainwreck 1979 was the song of my summer 2014 and I can guarantee it will still be in my playlist for summer 2015.



My Top Pick: Leather Jacket

Round up your best friends, roll down the windows and blast this music as you cruise down the highway this summer! Everything about their music puts me in a great mood (it also helps that the lead singer is nice to look at). They’re considered rock but their new music seems to have an indie pop vibe. Don’t just take my word for it, they’ve landed three JUNO Awards, including Group of the Year at this year’s ceremony.



My Top Pick: Juliette

This fun, upbeat group from Ottawa has three JUNO nominations under their belt and it’s no surprise. They’ve got a song for every mood you can possibly be feeling and their lyrics are just as great as their sound. If you’re looking for a small, fun gig, check out their concert listings.



My Top Pick:

An alternative rock band born in Toronto. The lead singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay have very different voices, but together the sound is incredible. They’re a festival favourite and their debut self-titled album always seems to find its way into my top picks.



My Top Pick: Willow

So you’ve had a long week, and finally Sunday is here- you’ve got the day off and you’re free. The first album I go to is Hawaii by Said the Whale, this album has songs for sunny days to get you pumped, along with songs that are perfect for chilling out. This group from Vancouver manages to combine pop, folk, and rock into their music (all while not forgetting the importance of good lyrics). Their most recent album, Hawaii, might be nearing its second anniversary, but something tells me it’s going to be perfect for spring/summer 2015.


My Top Pick: Wanna Wanna- Dear Rouge

You might have noticed and overall theme of indie rock! I really think this genre is blowing up right now and there’s so much talent to be discovered. I hope these bands end up making their way into your music library, and get stuck in you head the way they have in mine!

Give them a listen and tweet us at @SPC_Card to let us know what you think.

Happy listening,