It’s 2 months into the first semester, and you still don’t feel quite at “home” in your dorm room. Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours! Plus, you’re gonna want to warm it up a little with the colder weather coming your way! You don’t have to live in a dull 15×15 lifeless space; why not have the room where everyone wants to hang out!

Here are 10 tips, using Urban Outfitters, to create the PERFECT designer dorm!

1) Fill those white walls – get some posters up! They don’t have to be cheesy posters either; you can find some really unique/artsy posters that will help get those creative juices flowing when you’re working on assignments!

2) Add a festive feel to your dorm by hanging some colourful fringed banners along your wall.

3) Speaking of walls; decals or temporary wallpaper are lifesavers for those drab white walls. First, make sure your school allows them!

Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours.

4) Hang some string lights! It may not be December just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have string lights up all year round. They can really set the mood and tone of your dorm. Get some muted pink lights for a softer look, or some clear white string lights that match pretty much anything. Wrap them around your headboard, doorway, or even a wall fixture!

5) Keep some good books around. Not only do these books act as a conversation piece, you can incorporate them directly into your decor via colour and size!

6) Keep music alive. Just like lighting, music can also set the vibe of your entire room. It can also help with studying and keeping focus. To keep things stylish, check out one of these unique Portable Vinyl Record Players from Urban Outfitters, like the pink one up top! There are a variety of colours, and it will definitely be a showstopper in your room.

7) Throw blankets – you can never have enough of them! Keep them folded at the end of your bed so they’re nice and handy. You could do faux-fur, or even something knit. They add a sense of coziness to any space, plus are useful too!

Just like lighting, music can set the vibe of your entire room.

8) Get yourself a cute coffee mug. This will make you excited to get up in the morning and use it! Plus, it will look great in your space.

9) Get a pet plant. It’s always a cool feeling to watch something grow, so decorate your room with a small plant to make your space feel alive. Don’t want something more to take care of? Get a cactus for less maintenance!

10) Last but not least: if you celebrate Christmas, why not pick up a fake mini Christmas tree to get in the holiday spirit! They’re small enough not to take up the whole square footage of your room, but big enough to feel the holiday vibe. 🙂

You can find these decorating solutions at Urban Outfitters! Plus, using your SPC Card gets you an additional 10% off your entire purchase.

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Happy decorating! 🙂

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